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What makes TrioClear™️ aligners special?

TrioClear™ aligners offer fewer attachments, less chair time and more predictable results for your patients. Nearly invisible and safer than regular aligners, the three-step process gradually improves your patients’ tooth alignment and smile – without causing pain or discomfort.


We believe healthy and beautiful smile should be available to everyone. TrioClear aligners are 30% cheaper compared to other dentist approved aligner treatments.

faster results

TrioClear’s unique solution allows more movement per step than most other systems. The more frequent change of trays also prevents stains from building up and promotes better oral hygiene.

less chairtime

Instead of multiple attachments, TrioClear uses carefully designed and placed TrioDim divot spots to create highly targeted rotation forces. extra extra extra extra skfnlknnf


We proudly plant 10 native trees for every completed TrioClear™ treatment. We also print our collateral on 100% recycled paper only and your TrioClear™ cases will be packed and delivered in 100% compostable shipping mailers.


Changing aligners in varying thickness during each of the three cycles help gradually and predictably improve your patients’ teeth alignment.


Our simulation software enables you to accurately predict alignment and movement in advance. It also offers world-class, fast turn-around, back end support.

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Our customers say

"I fitted my first TrioClear aligner case today. It fit very well and looked really good."
"I am very happy with my TrioClear cases and they are tracking well."
"I am over halfway through my treatment and extremely happy to already see significant results! I highly recommend TrioClear."
"I decided to use TrioClear after a recommendation from my dentist. The process was so easy and the soft aligners really helped with the initial pain."

NOTE: This information is intended for orthodontists and trained dentists only. They will be able to advise what treatment plan is right for you. You should always follow their instructions for use